About Our Comapny

Bearing Grease We are supplier of Lucides Bearing and C.V. Joint grease. The grease is based on Germany formulae which can withhold temperature of up to 150c which is great for the middle east were temperature can soar during the day. Lucides C.V. Joint grease is specially formulated for C.V. Joints, so that it can evenly be applied and ensure that the C.V. Joint is able to move freely and effectively. It is developed in accordance with Germany Volkswagen TL-VW/38 standard, which is middle-viscidity lubricant, made of natural fatty acid soap stiff and through deeply refined and with fine MoS2 as well as adding various additives. It feature include high-low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanic invariability and is water resistance.

Lucidessuper wheel bearing grease is multipurpose lithium grease is suitable for heavy duty plain and roller bearing operating under severe conditions in both industrial and automotive application. The grease has excellent oxidation and corrosion protection and has it range of working temperature is from -30c to 120c. ....

MAP brake pads are the market leaders in brake pads, and have been established in the market for more than 10 years. MAP brake pads are made to OE specification with our own formulae providing our brake pad with stopping power that is unmatched. MAP brake pads are known for their quality and value for money they provide. They are the market leader in Semi Metallic and Low Metallic brake pads with a vast range of brake pads available for American, Korean and Japanese cars. MAP brake pads ensure that the ear-piercing squeals of pads areeliminated and there is a positive and smooth feel from the brakes when applied. They also provide a softer pedal feel that ensure that there is no roughness when applyingthe brakes, ensuring for a more confidence inspired brake feel with real rotor biting performance that will bring you to a commanding halt every time. Our brake pads have been carefully engineered and developed together with the world’s leading brake systems and vehicle manufacturers to ensure greater quality. Map brake pads guarantee safe, sure braking every time you need it.