Brake Pad

MAP RED is a premium NAO (non asbestos organic material) formula consisting of organic fiber to reinforce the friction material and provide strength to brake pad.

  • Long Life
  • No Noise, Low Dust
  • Consistent Braking
  • Eco Friendly
  • Rotor Friendly
  • Asbestos Free 100%

MAP BLUE   is a low metallic brake pad formula which consists of compounded material to ensure the high quality brake pad and greater stopping performance. The key features are

  • Low Metallic Formula Ensure Low Dust & Low Noise
  • Better Heat Transfer To Provide Better Braking
  • Better NVH
  • Asbestos Free 100%


MAP BRAKE SHOE  is specially formulated NAO (non asbestos organic material) consisting to ensure no noise and easy replacement, with a long service life

  • Protection Against Rusting of Drums
  • Asbestos Free 100%
  • Advance Friction Formula
  • Weather Tested

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